Hi and thank you for stopping by, I am a qualified Mountain Leader and hold a current Mountain First Aid Qualification, I have been walking in the mountains/hills of Snowdonia for as long as I can remember, but the inspiration for me getting into photography came while working night shifts, when I soon discovered that the payback for the unsocial hours was the early morning walk home. I recall thinking to myself that so many people are still in bed and missing out on this magical time of day, especially during the spectacular sunrises I saw over Cardigan Bay. I quickly realised I needed a camera and have been a landscape photographer ever since.

A family friend once said that my images are very dark and moody, and that I would be better off going out shooting when there is not a single cloud in the sky and the sun is shining brightly. I couldn’t disagree more! I like to photograph the landscape and nature in all its glory and in all conditions, so to me that means sometimes having to hide behind a rock to shelter from driving wind and rain and then popping out if and when a break in the weather occurs.I like to keep this authentic approach through the stages of post-processing too, where I only ever use a single image file – rather than compositing different images – and then make only minor adjustments to get the final version.

I’m lucky to live within striking distance of Snowdonia National Park, which is a magical place to walk and photograph. When I'm not doing the day job or spending time with my young family, I like to be out enjoying the countryside and mountains.

Thank you for viewing,